Ongoing Programs

Background to City Connecting:  Since 2011 Connectors in the Denver Metro have gathered together to form City Unite. These City Connectors lead church networks from Boulder to Castle Rock and are creating relationships, trust and vision synergy towards projects benefiting the greater good of their city. 

Mission: As a City Connector Reg is a catalyst leader building collaborative service initatives within the city by merging leaders in churches, schools, businesses, nonprofits and neighborhoods for the good of the greater community.

Let’s do this together! When we work together there is nothing that a working partnership can’t accomplish! Help me get started and together we can see positive changes in the city of Lakewood!

Experience: Reg has built relationships and created partnerships in response to community needs in numerous community efforts. Reg has been leading the Lakewood Church Network (LCN) since 2005. Currently 25 churches are actively involved in the LCN and meet regularly. The LCN has been called upon to partner with city and county, school, neighborhood and non-profits to develop several breakthrough projects including:

Whiz Kids

Whiz Kids after School Tutoring program  – LCN partners with this 25 year old Denver based elementary after school tutoring program. This partnership has produced remarkable academic improvement and enrollment increases in Lakewood schools. Currently 5 Lakewood elementary schools are partnering with 7 LCN churches to host Whiz Kid programs. Lakewood minister Reg Cox steps … Continue reading Whiz Kids

Foothills Field of Dreams

Foothills Field of Dreams – The LCN forged a partnership between Jefferson County School, businesses, Civic and the Neighborhood association leaders to raise $450,000 through grants and donations to restore a derelict elementary school sports field. Play is integral to learning and the restored field offers neighborhood connection options. This kind of partnership is being repeated … Continue reading Foothills Field of Dreams

Severe Weather Shelter

Severe Weather Shelter (SWS) – A partnership linking Jefferson County Human services, 5 area churches and non-profits such as The Action Center to provide housing for the homeless during winter months. Winter 2014/15 SWS averaged +36 individuals housed from October through April. The SWS offers tangible help to the homeless at no cost to the … Continue reading Severe Weather Shelter

Lakewood Faith Coalition

The Lakewood Faith Coalition (LFC) – The LFC was formed by Mayor Bob Murphy and Reg Cox fall 2014 with a vision for creating an all-faith group focused on nurturing a sense of community and collaboration in Lakewood by engaging and building partnerships between neighborhoods, businesses, schools, non-profits, city leaders and the faith community.  Reg … Continue reading Lakewood Faith Coalition

Jeffco Prays

Jeffco Prays – Reg Cox Co-chairs a group of leaders from Colorado Christian University, local businesses and the faith community that are committed to supporting and expanding prayer in Jefferson County. The group manages a website identifying prayer groups/events, tells prayer success stories and sponsors a yearly event that brings together diverse leaders to focus on … Continue reading Jeffco Prays

Power of Partnership

Power of Partnership (PoP) – Power of Partnership is a Jefferson Country Human Services initiative which encourages collaboration between Human Services and the faith-based community in order to pool resources so Government, Non-Profit and Church serve together. Reg Cox seeks to support and expand the impact of PoP in Lakewood so all LCN/LFC service initiatives … Continue reading Power of Partnership

Jefferson County School System

Jefferson County School System – Reg Cox has served on school system planning groups and supports the board and Superintendent to enhance positive LCN/LFC connections. This connection includes: serving on district committees, pursuing relationships with school leaders, developing connections and support strategies with Title 1 schools/Family Liaisons and enhancing a connection between local schools to … Continue reading Jefferson County School System

Hope Academy

Reg Cox has Developed support for the Denver Street School’s Hope Academy – Hope Academy will facilitate the rescue and reintegration into society for victims of human trafficking. Reg organized an event (3/20/2015) focused on increasing connection, awareness and volunteers for Hope Academy from churches in the LCN. The LCN will continue to be involved … Continue reading Hope Academy