For the City of Lakewood

Benefits for the city of Lakewood

  1. One stop shop: The City Connector becomes the go-to person for initiating conversations, connections and break through ideas for a vast number of needs, organizations and entities so they can work together.
  2. Communication: The City Connector facilitates/cultivates communication between non-profits, schools, business leaders, Home owners associations, county leaders, church leaders and average citizens.
  3. Stewardship: The City Connector stewards the resources of time, energy and money that would be invested by a multitude of sources towards service projects for the greater good of the city.
  4. Neutral nonpolitically tied leadership: The City Connector is a politically neutral service and relationship leader who is focused on causes and needs not partisan platforms and is able to bring together divergent opinion leaders, build consensus, nurture a spirit of community and find common ground and goodwill.
  5. Volunteer source management: The City Connector is a recognized leader with faith groups. These faith groups possess memberships that possess a natural “service DNA.” Leveraging this volunteer DNA facilitates great potential for ongoing service initiatives within and for the city. 
  6. Support City Leadership: The City Connector communicates and supports Lakewood city leadership. This collaborative support nurtures the partnership spirit necessary to envision and strategize large scale service initiatives for and in the city.
  7. Best practices: The City Connector collects data, stories and models of best practices so new ideas and enthusiastic momentum is carefully stewarded to protect and guide goodwill towards large scale service initiatives.
  8. Drives the metrics: The City Connector collects and communicates data and metrics demonstrating need, success and value of projects aimed at serving the city.
  9. Service culture: The City Connector facilitates, cultivates, supports and narrates a culture of service, goodwill, partnership, collaboration and volunteerism in the city.
  10. Problem solving positive attitude: The City Connector will display and lead the city to “can-do” attitudes, problem solving breakthroughs and a metro wide reputation of positive “Golden rule” citizens. Every city needs to have a non-politically owned positive force…in Lakewood that is the City Connector!