For Lakewood Businesses

Benefits for local Lakewood businesses

  1. Return on Investment: Each project that has been completed or envisioned will strengthen and add value to the city increasing its attractiveness to new business and volunteer minded citizens.
  2. Give Back: Each project completed or envisioned provides opportunities for businesses and citizens to give back for the good of the city
  3. Income multiplier: Anytime the value of the city is enhanced or the problems of the city are diminished the financial and benevolent income of the city and its citizens are multiplied.
  4. Social responsibility: When breakthrough service and collaborative partnerships occur in a city it inspires others to find new ways to make a positive difference in their community.
  5. Goodwill Ambassador: People want to do business with or work for companies whose reputation and corporate story is woven with a narrative of giving back and supporting positive change.

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