For Lakewood Schools

Benefits for schools in Lakewood

  1. Champion: The City Connector will help connect the local school to their neighborhood and will facilitate break through strategies for serving the needs of that school and insure that each neighborhood is equally championed in the larger conversations of the city.
  2. Proven programs: Working with the City Connector has a solid track record of helping schools improve and thrive. Each school is different and the City Connector will work with each to develop workable programs suited to their special needs and demographics.
  3. Feel Supported: Individual schools that now feel overlooked will be able to feel appreciated and supported by the city, school administration and their neighborhood.
  4. Expand resources: By linking the LCN/LFC, neighborhoods and city support to individual schools the limited resources of time, energy and money in the schools can be greatly reallocated to better leverage those resources and lower the burden on each school to satisfy its needs.
  5. Celebrate victories: The City Connector will help individual schools tell the story of successes, victories and student/staff stand out accomplishments. The school, neighborhoods and city thrives when someone is driving the larger positive narrative!