Mobilizing a Generation for Partnership and Meaningful Service at CCU!

February 14, 2023 Chapel at Colorado Christian University

Valentine’s Day 2023, Lakewood Connects Director, Reg Cox, spoke in chapel at Colorado Christian University (CCU). The school, located in Lakewood, has grown to over 1,500 students and is emerging as a strong liberal arts university drawing students from across the county and world. For 15 years Reg has supported the school’s campus ministry programs and community service projects and enjoys relationships with leaders, students and teachers.

But Reg’s talk this Valentine’s Day was unusual because underlying stories and illustrations that fit with the spirit of the day was a more important love invitation. In Matthew 22 Jesus issues what he calls, “The Greatest Command.” To love God and our neighbor is the essence of faith! There is no concept of “believing in Jesus” that isn’t centered directly on loving God and others. 

This Valentine’s Day chapel talk was entitled “CCU Loves Lakewood!” Reg had partnered with student leaders to invite students to love the city through acts of service! When students accept this invitation they are living out the true “heart” behind Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 22! 

In 2017, Reg worked with CCU on a dream of student government leaders to serve the city where the university exists. Reg helped the leaders design service opportunities during the 2018 spring semester for a program called “CCU 4 Lakewood.” That event involved over 50 students. CCU 4 Lakewood occurred again in 2019 but was suspended during the pandemic. This fall student government leaders again approached Reg about helping them revive CCU 4 Lakewood, and chapel this February 14th kicked off the program with student sign ups.

Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul inviting CCU students to serve

The Chapel talk kicked off with an invitation from Mayor Adam Paul to serve the city alongside the churches of Lakewood. The Mayor described how important partnership between Faith and Government has been and will be in our city. When all of us work together we are able to merge resources that will alleviate human suffering on a grander scale! 

During Reg’s presentation he invited students to serve beyond CCU 4 Lakewood and partner with Lakewood Connects. We will link students with local churches, faith based nonprofits and local government agencies to multiply impact. Lakewood Connects enjoys great relationships, healthy partnerships and the shared commitment to collaboration to accomplish the common good with over 50 organizations in our city. Within 24 hours of the chapel talk over 15 students had reached out to partner with Lakewood Connects to serve the city! 

Building relationships is the key to building partnerships. Building Partnerships is the key to building shared commitment for the greater good! This is at the heart of what Lakewood Connects is committed to and leading in Lakewood, Colorado and beyond. Thanks for your encouragement and support! 

If you would like to watch the 2/14 chapel at CCU in its entirety, click here or watch below.

Chapel 02-14 – Reg Cox & CCU Student Government from Colorado Christian University on Vimeo.