What is a City Connector and why do I want to do this?

A City Connector links people together in a city. These relational link ups are usually aimed at developing service projects where many different groups work together on causes that would be impossible for any one group to accomplish on their own.

A City Connector transforms the way people see their city. By making positive connections we can switch the collective focus in a city from problems and barriers to developing a vision for solutions and partnerships.

A City Connector develops a bunch of relationships in a city.  These relationship links help people who care find ways to share and serve in effective ways with others who have the same passions and goals.

A City Connector tells compelling stories.  A positive narrative inspires hope, goodwill and a desire to join with others to serve a city.

A City Connector is a facilitator of positive faith action. At the core of faith is the belief in the good of humanity, a DNA of service and a desire to bring dignity to everyone in our city.

Everything I have experienced and learned in my professional life has prepared me for the leadership, relationship and community involvement components of being a City Connector. I love the rational aspect of focusing on things that matter and leading others towards these rational and practical goals. I love the relational aspect of meeting people who serve in meaningful ways and work with them to find ways to support their vision or share mine with them. I love the religious aspect of activating faith through transforming mere belief into a collaborative force for good that engages the civic, education, business, neighborhood and non-profit service energy in a city.

The work of City Connecting is the capstone of my career. I’m blessed, excited and completely freaked out to move into this role. I hope you will support me with your ideas, prayer, advice and financial help.

In the upcoming blogs I will endeavor to do several things:

  1. Action: Update on projects Reg Cox City Connector has been involved with
  2. Strategy: Share philosophy and methodology for the projects or partnerships I am involved with
  3. Support: Explain opportunities for readers to support these projects or the City Connecting work

FYI: I plan to send those on my email contact list a link and a brief “teaser” description of the blog for that week/month. If you ARE NOT receiving this email and want it…please let me know. If you ARE receiving this and prefer not to, please let me know.

Thanks – Reg Cox City Connector – regcc@gmail.com




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