July to October 2016 -Activities report

Here’s a more detailed report of updates, activities and growth in La

1. Lakewood Connects Board: Lakewood Connects board; Paul and Audrey Crabtree, Chris and Lisa Welsh, Gary and Patti Southern, Diane Rhodus, Don Scanga, Amy and Reg Cox.

2. 501c3 Non-profit status: We started the Lakewood Connects non-profit certification process and registered the name; “Lakewood Connects” with the state.

3. Lakewood Connects mission: “Building collaborative service initiatives by merging leaders in churches, schools, businesses, nonprofits and neighborhoods for the greater good of the community.” This mission will begin appearing on Lakewood Connects information.

4. Title 1 elementary schools: In August Reg/Lakewood Faith Coalition met with leaders from churches, school district and the city to launch a new initiative linking faith communities to Title 1 elementary schools. Each school will have a Support Team for dialogue and improvement plans.

5. Whiz Kids: The afterschool tutoring program; Whiz Kids, has started up for its 5th school year in Lakewood helping connect kids and families to support, encouragement and the love of Christ. The Lakewood Church Network supports 9 sites in the city reaching over 150 kids.

6. Fall Festival: Reg organized a festival for 200+ folks in the Green Mountain neighborhood 9/25 which linked the local neighborhood association, apartments, school PTA and Lakewood church of Christ together for an afternoon of kid and family friendly activities.

7. Homeless families: Reg worked with County Human Services and a local non-profit to organize a fundraiser for the Family Severe Weather Shelter. The shelter operates out of a local church during winter months to house homeless families. Funds raised will further this good work.

8. Jeffco Human Services: Supporting Human Services director Lynn Johnson as she and her team establishes; “Thrives”, an organization linking all non-profit, church and government “service” entities in into a collaborative partnership. Reg’s role is to link faith communities to this effort.

9. Pastoring Pastors: Developing/growing relationships with dozens of pastors to support and nurture their personal and professional life through one-on-one discussions.

10. Speaking Engagement: Presented at Abilene Christian University’s “Cross Training” camp in Sipapu, New Mexico in July.

11. Speaking Engagement: Presented at the Colorado Christian University’s “Religious Freedom” Symposium 8/25

12. Speaking Engagement: Presented at a family camp in Felton, California Labor Day weekend

13. Jeffco Prays: Reg is co-chair of an organization that holds a yearly breakfast (March 2017) designed to nurture, support and expand prayer in Jefferson, County.

14. Upcoming – Lakewood Connects Information and Fundraising breakfast: 11/17 Lakewood Connects will host a breakfast to seek new financial partners from the business and city leadership. Reg is asking several local leaders to be “Event Hosts” to invite potential partners who would be excited about the mission and activities of Lakewood Connects.

15. Upcoming – Lakewood Church Information and Partnership lunch: In early December Reg and Amy will host a partnership lunch at Lakewood church of Christ designed to thank our supporters from 2016, share some success stories from the year and ask for financial help in 2017.

kewood Connects:



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