The Power of Partnership and Jeffco Human Services

In every County in the U.S. there is a Government office that coordinates services for people in need that live there. Lakewood, Colorado lies in Jefferson County, Colorado. Jefferson is the most populous county in the state with over 550,000 residents. With so many residents you can imagine there are more folks with needs than any county in the state of Colorado living here.

Human Services employs hundreds and manages over 50 programs under 6 main divisions. These programs serve thousands of needs from ageing to infants and from homelessness to foster care. The work is daunting and the people who serve here are all compassionate servants.

Nationally Jeffco Human Services is known for ground breaking work with the Jeffco Prosperity Project., The Prosperity Project is a ground breaking program linking nonprofits and agencies of every kind in order to target, guide, mentor and support over 50 families from crushing need to sustainable life success.

Under the leadership of Human Services around 2006 the Power of Partnership was created. The Power of Partnership (PoP) is comprised of county Human Services employees, nonprofit leaders and faith leaders who work together to serve needs in the county. PoP has a steering committee and holds bi-monthly meetings designed to improve networking, awareness and collaboration for serving needs together. That’s right, the government, churches and nonprofits work together! Brilliant!

In April, Reg took a part time contact with the county to help reinvigorate PoP. He will be focused on rebuilding the church connection database, expanding church involvement and supporting a new newsletter to better communicate “win” stories, expand awareness of partnership opportunities and tools and make connections in order to grow the network. Reg’s work with PoP will enhance the impact and recognition of Lakewood Connects in the city of Lakewood and across the County. This is a great opportunity to link Lakewood Connects with Countywide impact!

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