The Power of Presence… Thank you for Being There!

Twelve weeks ago Lakewood Connects Executive Director, Reg Cox, was involved in a cycling crash that broke dozens of bones, laid him up in the hospital for a week and dramatically altered summer plans! Immediately people showed up! Pastor James Hoxworth and Mayor Adam Paul walked in Reg’s Intensive Care room that first morning. So many showed up, 50 visitors in five days, that Amy cut off the open-door policy! When things are tough in our lives there’s no substitute for being present to show love and bring encouragement!

As Reg returned home, longtime friend Dr. Glen Villanueva flew in to help with the transition. Can’t have better care than a doctor in the house! As Reg continues to advance through stages of healing and is now back to work it is all of your relationship connections that have become the key to his healing.

Reg’s first in-person meeting was with a group of government and nonprofit leaders in June. As things started several asked if he would share the bike crash story. Reg has worked with these leaders for years on various programs and projects and the relationship has always felt warm but professional. Mid-story several folks at the table began to cry. It was then Reg realized that his relationships had long surpassed mere project management and had become something personal. Real. Deep. Meaningful.

That kind of human connection is the essence of what Lakewood Connects is all about! We create partnerships that become the foundation for creating solutions where once there were only challenges, suffering, and heartbreak! We can bring healing to a broken world the same way Reg has experienced healing in his body and mind… relationship connections and love make broken things whole again! 

Fall opportunities: For our Lakewood area partners several volunteer and service opportunities exist this fall that we invite you to join us in: 

  1. Whiz Kids after-school tutoring is entering its 10th year in Lakewood and we have never needed to find tutors as much as we need to this year! Enrollments are falling across the country and raising academic scores is at the heart of what helps a school, students and families thrive. Please contact: Janeal Doctolero for more info about Whiz Kids. 
  1. Finally, we are partnering with several nonprofits and coalitions that have established and resourced Family Centers at five Lakewood elementary schools. Family Centers offer food, clothing, and support services at underserved schools to families in the school and community. This is a partnership with food organizations, the school and community partners including churches to deliver the exact items each Family Center needs to serve their families. We could use your help! Please Contact: Miriam Richards 
  1. Along with tutoring Lakewood Connects is partnering with several organizations and individuals to support Teacher Appreciation at underserved schools. The effects of the pandemic are showing up in dwindling teacher numbers. An encouraged and appreciated educator is a more resilient educator! Please help us bless our educators! 

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