Relationships Change the World: New Friends + 2 Cups of Coffee = Unlimited Potential

One of the advantages of loving coffee is the fact that most young adults love it too! So if you’re older (like Lakewood Connects Director, Reg Cox) and you hope to connect with young leaders you offer to buy their cup! Such was the set-up recently between Reg and Colorado Christian University student body vice president, Sarah. Sarah had reached out asking if Lakewood Connects could help her revitalize an event called; “CCU 4 Lakewood” (CCU4LW). Reg had helped develop this student led community service program back in 2018 and now Sarah wanted to get it going again! When you “Caffeinate” a new friendship and add a Big Dream you increase the potential for something powerful to happen!

In 2018 CCU students formed four Community Service targets in the neighborhood near campus. CCU has existed for decades, and as a community they’re committed in becoming a partner with local churches and organizations to Serve the city! In 2018 CCU4LW connected to Senior Adults, served Food in an underserved community, supported a local church’s program for Homeless Neighbors and played with students in a local Elementary School. A key focus for CCU4LW experience is that the service all takes place in neighborhoods near the university!

Here’s a Philosophy that guides Lakewood Connects: “Proximity transforms the impact potential of who, what, why and how we serve”. When you’re walking across the street to serve someone instead of driving 45 minutes or flying to another country you’re suddenly transported into “living with” those you serve. Relationship based service transforms us from custodians of compassionate action into neighbors loving our extended family. Through the power of close proximity we enter into “relationship” connections and experience something wholly different and more valuable than “one off” service. This is where life change potential exists!

This coming February 14, Lakewood Connects Director; Reg Cox will speak in chapel to kick off “CCU Loves Lakewood!” By February 2023 several things will be in action that will transform the lives of both students and community members in positive ways…and all of this started as 2 people became new friends and shared 2 cups of coffee and shared greater-good plans and dreams!

We believe that relationships change the world! Please join us in building new friendships and dreaming bigger partnership dreams in 2023!

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